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The success of the chess players from India 🇮🇳 at Skalica Chess Festival was recognized as well by ChessBase India

IM Rithvik Raja R scores his second GM-norm and finishes second at Skalický Chess Festival Open, Leon finishes 3rd in Masters
Rithvik scored 7.0/9, including wins GM Friso Nejboer (NED), GM Hera Imre Jr. (HUN) and GM Valentina Gunina (RUS), drew with GM Gergely Aczel (HUN). Defeating the accomplished Gunina in the final round in a must-win situation is a fantastic way to score his second GM-norm. Rithvik performed at 2616 and gained 21.7 Elo rating points. He won €500 and a trophy as his prize.
India’s 67th GM and Skalica Open 2020 winner, Leon Luke Mendonca scored 5.5/9 to secure third position in the Masters section. He drew with the eventual champion GM Anton Korobov (UKR) and defeated the runner-up GM Vitaliy Bernadskiy (UKR). He finished a half point behind the top two finishers and gained 6.0 Elo rating points. Leon received a trophy and €800 for his efforts.
Rithvik is training with N Ramaraju at RACE Chess Academy and Ukrainian coach, Alexander Goloshchapov.
Congratulations to Rithvik, his team and family. We hope he scores his final GM-norm and crosses 2500 soon to become India’s next Grandmaster.
📷 Skalický Šachový festival and Deepika Rajavaram
We will have a detailed report on our site soon.


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